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Commoning Lands: Infrastructure and Redistributive Justice

15-16/06/2024, WORKSHOP



PDAS (På Den Anden Side - On The Other Side) is an artist collective based on a former farm on the Island of Møn. Here, Hosting Lands will purchase 1,3 hectare conventional farm land and in collaboration with PDAS other artists and local communities turn it into a commons. This process investigates and questions the legal, social and aesthetic structures of commoning and politics of reversing host-guest relationships.

Hosting Lands and PDAS

Commoning Lands: Infrastructure and Redistributive Justice

And artistic programme on negotiating community and inhabiting worlds in new, old, and necessary ways.

As part of a larger commoning process between Hosting Lands and PDAS, we invite to a workshop on strategies for cultivating and maintaining communities and commons. Inspired by Laurent Berlant's ideas around commons as 'infrastructures for troubling times', during the workshop we will collectively look into different organizational, legal, architectural, affective and artistic infrastructures, which we can imagine and dream of for Fanefjord Commons, as well as other present and futures Commons

Participating artists: Cassie Thornton / Carsten Hoff / PDAS / TWIID


Fanefjord Fælled

Hårbøllevej 52A

4792 Askeby


Saturday June 15

10.30-12.00: Morning coffee

Introduction to workshop by Hosting Lands, and then a digital presentation by the Belgian art and law collective TWIID on legal models for commoning and collective action within contemporary art and activism

12.00-13.00: Vegetarian lunch (free)

13.00-17.00: Workshop with Cassie Thornton: Post-Property Dreaming

Are you a utopian anti-capitalist struggling to live in a way you can believe in on a burning planet? Have you ever felt that you can't transform fast enough, given the changing global conditions? Do you yearn to get rid of hundreds of years of colonial training about your relationship to ownership, land and society, in the next five minutes?

In this workshop, Cassie Thornton and collaborators will present a project she co-developed called “The Hologram”, a collective peer-to-peer health practice that helps us feel the possibility of collective transformation. In The Hologram, three people (a triangle) are invited to listen and ask questions of a fourth person (the hologram). One triangle member asks questions about social health, another about physical health, and the last one about mental/emotional health. “The Hologram” includes a structured protocol for distributing care virally, to ensure that everyone who gives care is cared for.

Themes of this workshop:

For this workshop, we invite people to come with tensions related to property ownership. Many of us know, consciously or unconsciously, that in order to respond to global and local emergencies, we must reorganize our relationship to land, economy, and to each other. This transformation can feel abstract or difficult when we face it alone, because we have been trained for centuries that the only way to find safety, security, stability, and to be legible as a good person involves owning private property. Whether or not it makes us happy, healthy, or helps us survive, we rely on it because it is a belief system backed by the threat of state violence and neglect.

In this workshop, we will look at private property as a cute collective addiction that we can change, very slowly together, through telling stories and asking questions. By looking at our collective patterns and beliefs around property, we might become ready to participate in global struggles for indigenous land, from the territory of our lives.

How does it work?

This workshop offers "incomers" new to The Hologram practice a chance to learn about the history and reasoning behind The Hologram, which was born from crisis, for crisis, as well as an opportunity to experiment with the method together. The practice itself values and puts together the processes of personal introspection, social cooperation, and strategic anti-capitalist organization. The workshop takes 4 hours and is highly participatory, though parts can be joined passively at the beginning and end. Everyone who joins us will be well supported, challenged, and invited to join the larger global Hologram community of practitioners. We will use The Hologram protocol to patiently look at the relationship between our lives in Northern Europe and how they do and don't connect to the struggles of the world. What do we do from within our relative comfort while we overwork to pay for stability in a society that hurts more people than it helps?

Please Note:

Between 13.00-17.00 we offer activities for children (workshop and films)/

All presentations and workshops will be in English.

Sunday June 16

11.00-12.30: Talk by architect Carsten Hoff on commons and collective architecture

12.30-14.00: Bring your own lunch. We serve coffee and cake

13.30-17.00: Workshop by PDAS: Waterchain and tree-care

Workshop on maintenance and protection of the young forest garden, which has been planet on Fanerfjord Fælled. We will make our own cardboard figures, paint them with clay paint and put them around the small trees on order to protext them against weeds. We will also water the trees.

This workshop is family friendly.

Please Note:

Bring your own cardboard (wiyhout print or color), scissor and/or knife.

All programme content on sunday will be in Danish

Collaborators & Co-hosts