Hosting Lands
between the ruin,
the field and the forest
between the ruin,
the field and the forest

Hosting Lands is a slow-growing, decentral exhibition movement unfolding around land, the relationship between host and guest, and the link between the hyper-local and the global. Over the course of three years, the exhibition will move between six locations throughout Denmark and engage local and international artists, activists and communities. Hosting Lands explores how we can steward and care for land differently through legal commoning of conventional farmlands and by working in collective and regenerative site-responsive manners. Hosting Lands orients itself towards futures beyond the exhibition movement itself by offering possibilities to inhabit artistic spaces as architecture of the everyday and creating lasting change in the landscapes and the worlds at stake.

Hosting Lands is supported by
The Bikuben Foundation, Vision Exhibition Award


Aziza Harmel

Pujita Guha

Dea Antonsen, Ida Bencke
& Laura Gerdes-Miranda
(Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology)


Michal Jurgielewicz

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